VLPA | A high calibre Legal PA offering simple outsource solutions to UK solicitors | Meeting your needs, so you can deliver on your client's wants close

What value can I expect from VLPA?

The key to VLPA is three fold:

1.                  There is no ‘down time’, you only pay for what you use.

2.                  Being freelance means there are no employee related costs such as tax, national insurance, benefits, holidays or absences.

3.                  I am personally invested – my quality is your quality.

Ultimately this translates into a streamlined arrangement with zero waste.


How much does it cost?

There are several options available to you:

Ad hoc          

£30 per hour

Paid weekly in arrears, with zero commitment


5 hours @ £27 per hour

10 hours @ £24 per hour

20 hours @ £21 per hour

Paid in advance, with no time limit on usage


6 months @ £18 per hour, minimum of 40 hours per month

1 year @ £15 per hour, minimum of 60 hours per month

Paid monthly in arrears