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Why is VLPA an intelligent alternative?

With temporary staff often a false economy: being unskilled, unfamiliar with your working practices, requiring minimum hours and quite frankly disinterested, it can be a real challenge to find consistency and reliability.

Conversely, taking on additional permanent employees involves an inherent lack of flexibility, long term commitment and additional expenses, particularly if you wish to retain good quality staff.

By integrating my flexible service on a basis that suits you and embracing this inevitable shift in working practices, you will future proof your company, stay ahead of the game and above all maintain quality. You truly can have your cake and eat it!


Is VLPA easy to integrate?

Integration is extremely easy. All I need is a remote desktop connection. Once logged in, I can collect and process tasks just as if I were in the office. Alternatively, we can exchange documents and audio via email. Audio files must be in DS2 format. 


Is the service secure?

Rest assured, security is just as important to me as it is to you. Every device used is properly protected by a carefully selected antivirus, firewall and tracker. I am fully insured for equipment, professional indemnity and public liability. No equipment leaves the office and it is exclusively reserved for business use. I operate a strict client confidentiality policy.

Professional insurance for a professional person


How can I get the most value out of VLPA?

Frequency is key. The more I get to know you and how your company operates the more streamline the service will become. If you think of VLPA as a long-standing arrangement, rather than a temporary fix, you will extract the most value.

It goes without saying that ensuring we communicate fully and equip each other with all the information required to complete the task from the outset, is imperative to the success of our collaboration.


What are VLPA’s office hours?

Email and telephone contact

24 / 7

Working hours           

All hours are subject to availability and must be agreed in advance.

Typical Availability

Monday – Friday:         9am – 2.30pm, 7pm til late

Additional Availability

Being a digital service, I am potentially available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply contact me to confirm the date and time you need.